Consultancy and management

"Specialists in tax-accounting, labour and legal assessment for companies"

Our clients are Medium and Large Account Businesses with outsourcing needs in labour, accounting, tax and legal processes. We understand our services as a solution. Our experience in the field of work for more than 1,500 companies has earned us the trust of our clients and has made us a key piece in their company's operations and objectives.

Advantages of working with us

  • We are certified by Aenor Standard ISO 9001:2008 and by IQNet.
  • We assign a stable and specialised consultant for each client.
  • We integrate the Legal Labour Area (knowledge and judicial procedures) to improve our consultants' skills.
  • This will save time and make your business grow.
  • It will reduce operating costs and convert fixed costs into variable ones.
  • It will orient the potential, knowledge and effort of your professionals and directives to the most strategic projects.
  • Minimise costs of new technologies and will eliminate investments in systems and in updating versions.
  • You can access and have the best expert advisers at all time.
  • You will have greater agility and help in carrying out organisational changes.
  • Improve and automate processes.
  • Launch business lines onto the market quickly by not needing to create support structures.
  • Improve the quality service for internal clients.

Labour Assessment

We offer solutions through a comprehensive service in Human Resources management for companies.

Through our assessment and management services, on the one hand we aim to accompany you when your company is taking its most important decisions through dedication, legal knowledge and our experience, and on the other hand, we aim to ensure that human resources management is not a critical point in the company's operations. We make our clients' personnel problems our own, and we assess clients by offering human resource management solutions which companies require when facing the risks, challenges and opportunities posed by the changing legislative world.

As such, we have renowned specialists with expertise in the Area as well as an important team of Consultants with extensive experience in drafting salaries, contracting, and other aspects of the daily human resources management.

  • Legal labour planning: Ordering salary structure, company agreements, contracts, clauses, annexes, permits, licences, etc.)
  • Consultations and assessment concerning the labour relationship between company and workers: hiring modes, special clauses, modifications, mobility, sanctions, assessment on terminating work contracts.
  • Consultancy specialising in Social Security: Review of the appropriate application of the regulations, Planning terminations, pre-calculating provisions, Social Security Inspections.
  • Tax Planning in the labour environment: tax processing for payments and flexible compensation systems.
  • Legal labour assessment. Labour processes
  • Legal assessment in the sphere of collective bargaining: Negotiation in collective agreements, extra-statutory pacts, legal assistance in electoral proceedings.
  • Labour auditing (due diligence).
  • Legal labour assessment: common labour relations, upper management, salespersons, representatives, agency, contractual clauses: confidentiality, redundancies, exclusivity, business subrogation, termination.
  • Labour and administrative jurisdiction processes (conciliation acts and judgements), claims for payment, redundancies, sanctions, collective conflicts, Redundancy Plans, administrative resources, inspections and conciliations.
Advanced services
E-Laboral - The Employee Portal
This is a technological tool developed by Salomó&Bonet-Godó, which provides online access to all the company's professionals, allowing them to access their work documentation, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Foreign Immigration and Law
Initial residence and work authorisation. Request for official social or labour ties or exceptional circumstances. Residency authorisation for minors. Reuniting families. Modification of residence to employee. Modification of residence to self-employed. Renewals. Permanent residence. EU Community Citizens. Contingent (specific duration or special circumstances). Administrative-litigious procedures.

Accounting assessment

Transparency and efficiency in accounts

We understand accounting as the database used by the company's directors to take strategic decisions. For this reason, it is essential that it is reliable, correct, up to date and, above all, that it offers the information necessary to know the trends and behaviour that the company has had during specific periods of time. We know the value of this type of information, as such we rely on professionals with proven experience so that the company's accounting is constantly up to date.

Some of our services
  • Company, entrepreneurial and professional accounting.
  • Advice in interpreting balances and profit and loss accounts.
  • Legalisation of official books and annual accounts for their presentation in the Business Registry.
  • Preparation and control of budget accounting. Study of possible budget deviations and study of business and operating margins.
  • Company profitability analysis through ratios.
  • Preparation of financial reports to present to banks, providers, etc.

Tax assessment

We are experts in tax assessment

We in Salomó&Bonet-Godó believe that planning is a differentiating factor for our firm given that in Spain, this has a greater dimension and importance due to the frequent changes in taxation law which require companies to adapt the tax policy based on the criteria which are valid at each moment.

We consider this assessment a complex service which intends to decrease the tax burden of our clients to the minimum level possible while remaining compliant with the law.

Some of our solutions
  • Permanent and specific assessment, both to companies as well as individuals, about any tax-related operation, transaction or issue, orienting our services for this purpose.
  • Fiscal planning and analysis of the impact of the numerous legislative changes in taxation issues.
  • Fiscal asset planning and succession in family businesses.
  • Tax inspections, appeals and claims.
  • Compliance with the different quarterly, monthly and annual tax declarations which are mandatory for your activity.
  • Company sales processes, revisions and due diligence.
  • Restructuring operations, mergers, spin-offs, contributions in kind from activities.

Legal assessment

We are trusted legal assessors
The Legal Department of Salomó&Bonet-Godó advisers offers you the experience of a team of attorneys who work with the help and in collaboration of professionals integrated in the areas of labour, accounting and fiscal management and assessment, in order to provide a "comprehensive" service to companies and individuals.

The goal is to attend to all the clients' needs in a personalised and professional manner in all areas of legal assessment: commercial, civil, criminal, labour, administrative, laws regarding new technologies...

When we work for a company, we take decisions taking into account their affect on taxation, new technologies, risk prevention... In short, we legally audit your company, informing you of the sectors of activity which do not comply with current legislation.

We have become trusted legal advisers, giving advice on all your consultations and the needs which may arise in the development of daily life. Our mission and vision focus on an idea: to defend our clients' interests.

  • Legal Assessment Service in Immigration.
  • Procedures Area
  • Business Law
  • Business Contracts
  • Personal Law
  • Solutions for companies in crisis
  • Organic Law of Data Protection (LOPD)
  • Patents and Brands