Business management

Our extensive experience in the business assessment and consultancy sector has taught us that our clients' needs go beyond the undeniable need for accounting, tax and labour help, among others. Business organisations evolve at a frenetic rate and what is business today may no longer exist in a short period of time and vice versa. Entrepreneurs need an external figure that we call an external supervisor who is capable of providing and giving solutions when faced with possible difficulties or highlighting possible strong points which are still unknown at present. Anticipating changes is the key to success in order to make the best business decisions.



It is vitally important for entrepreneurs to know the global status of their company in order to project its immediate future in the best manner possible and to take the most appropriate decisions. SBG is in charge of carrying out an effective study which will help to understand the symptoms present and at the same time propose solutions which are best adapted to the reality of each organisation. The economic and legal department which forms this company, unifies its points of view and creates the optimal solution for each case.


As an external consultant for our clients, we perform a monthly, quarterly or biannual follow up of the company. We consider providing out expertise as an implicit part of the business in order to evaluate it.


In the case of the continuity or liquidation of a company goes on to present bankruptcy proceedings, entrepreneurs will find an ideal ally for the bankruptcy process in SBG. We have bankruptcy attorneys, bankruptcy administrators who provide their expertise and economists specialised in bankruptcy proceedings. The fusion of these three figures is the key to success in the operation.


The crisis has led many companies with very interesting business lines to enter into bankruptcy proceedings. We employ our expertise in this area and our collaboration with the Department of Industry of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia to offer this service in managing profitable productive units once they have been studied, analysed and evaluated. Our expertise in the sector is a guarantee for a successful operation.

There are companies which are in bankruptcy proceedings where no one wagers on purchasing the productive unit, although it has very interesting assets. Our main function is to offer these assets to companies which need them at very favourable prices.






Armand Traver