S&B-G Group

Who is Salomó Bonet- Godó

S&B-G is formed by economists, attorneys and social scientists. The synergies of these individuals and the management team's 20 years of experience in the consultancy sector, provide fundamental added value to comprehensively assess companies.

S&B-G is formed by a solid group of expert consultants with experience in designing and implementing management processes and solutions for comprehensive assessment.

S&B-G intends to accompany companies both in their daily activity in their long term planning. Our effort, dedication and work are directed to improving our clients' decision making capacities.

S&B-G, our history

S&B-G was founded as a natural progression of the projects by its partners-founders: David Hospedales Salomó, and Carlos Bonet-Godó, with more than 20 years of experience in business assessment.

In 2015 they decided to re-found the project as a dedicated effort to strengthening the service, new technologies and retaining talent as key elements. S&B-G preserves its “know how” and relationships with more than 5,000 references, including clients such as Carrefour España, UOC, Ticketmaster, Northgate Arinso, Fremap, SANED, Ajuntament de Barcelona, GAES, Agència de Salut Pública, Ca l’Espinaler, Editora Balear, Best Hotels, etc.

S&B-G is present in Barcelona, Mataró, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.